Enjoy The Various Mouth Watering Italian Deserts

There are many Italian deserts which have an exotic taste and you should never miss tasting them while you are in Italy. Most of these desserts are prepared using the traditional italian deserts recipes and hence they taste delicious. There are many ingredients used like gelato to give the dessert a great taste.

italian dessert and an italian plaza

Here are many of the Italian deserts:

Bônet (Piedmont)

It is one of the most famous italian deserts which is adored by people all over the world. It is made from the eggs, cocoa, milk, sugar etc. The desert makes use of the amoretto biscuits to enhance the taste of the recipe. The use of hazelnut enhances the beauty by giving an extraordinary look to the dessert. It is basically a custard that you will love.

Sbrisolona (Lombardy)

It is a kind of desert which is also called as the irresistible cake. This cake is also referred to as the crumbly cake because of the flakiness of the cake. The basic elements of this dessert are corn flour, lard, coarse chopped hazelnuts etc. The flavoring elements include the sugar, lemon zest and the eggs. They give the recipe an iconic flavor. Taking it with the red wine will enhance its taste.

Tiramisù (Veneto)

It is another mouth watering Italian dish. It is made using many ingredients like the mascarpone cheese, sugars, and eggs. Sometimes the liquor is also used in the recipe to enhance its taste. It is a smooth and the soft dessert like the ice-cream.