Add Some Delicious Food In Your Menu

If you are organizing a party then the first thing that you should consider is the menu. The menu should be designed as per the occasion and you can add some delicious dishes to it. To fulfil the need of food, you can order it from the reputed restaurants. If you are a German living in London, then you can also get the best German food here. All you need to do is to find an authentic German restaurant that serves gourmet dishes. You can find the German food shop in London easily by going online.

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Which types of Germen foods you can order for your party?

German food has a great taste and some special ingredients which make the dish tasty. When it comes to sweet, you can add some desert, wafers and chocolate dishes which will make your guests happy. If you are thinking to add some germen food then you can order different types of foods which are listed below-

Schnitzel – in this dish, there are some slices of veal meat wrapped in a mix of flour, eggs and bread crumps. It is deep fried in oil and butter until till it gets golden brown on the outside. Sometimes, it is made up of pork meat.

Gulasch – it is made up of thick pieces of beef meat which is cooked slowly in rice sauce but sometimes it is cooked in red wine. Rice sauce and red wine makes the meat soft and tender. You can eat this dish as a soup.