Are You Looking for Best Commercial Bakery Equipment?

If you are planning to set up your own bakery shop then you must buy a number of commercial bakery equipment so that you can serve your customer in an efficient manner. You need to take the right combination of equipment so that you can get best value for your money.

In this small write up, we will give brief details about few bakery machines that you must have in order to run your business.

baking equipment

  1. Commercial mixer

This is one of the important equipment that every baker would like to have in his shop in order to mix various ingredients for preparing different kinds of cookies.

  1. Dough divider and Sheeter

This equipment is needed in order to prepare equal sized ball of dough from a large batch of dough. While making breads, pies or pizza this equipment is useful.

  1. Retarder/Proofer

In order to maintain the dough at higher temperature you can use this baking equipment.

  1. Baking

This is a heart of any bakery shop. There are following types of ovens available in the market.

  • Convection oven

This is most commonly used oven meant for baking and is the least expensive variety of oven.

  • Deck oven

In order to prepare any specific kinds of bread such ovens are used to make crispy bread.

  • Roll in Rack oven

This is a special purpose oven that can save lots of labour cost.

  • Revolving oven

Here you can load your product at one end and collect it from another end.