Vegan a-la-carte!

Whether you are an animal lover, want a healthier plant based diet, or just concerned about the earth, whatever the reasons for embracing veganism, be happy to know it is here to stay. It is only right that with a lot of followers vegan restaurants have sprung up and are growing steadily.

It is not just a plate of boring vegetables anymore. Cooking and presenting a vegan spread is not easy but many chefs love the challenge as it gets complicated.  With the elimination of animal products and dairy there is experimentation and creativity. Their menu boasts of a variety of vegetables burnt avocados, juicy kale, chickpea tempeh, frozen baked potatoes and the likes.  For the first timers trying a vegan diet, you will definitely not be missing the meat in your plate. A plant-based diet is healthier and fulfilling to many in ways one can fathom.